Smart Camera

Smart Camera

High Performance Deep Learning Algorithm

Adopts self-developed deep learning algorithm, and the training environment is compatible with 3C electronics, metal, plastic, textile, photovoltaic, packaging and other industry products. It can provide sufficient support for detection, classification, and recognition in complex environments.
The computing power of the built-in high-performance deep learning platform can reach the desktop graphics card level, easily realizes high-speed deep learning detection.

Comprehensive Error-proofing Detection Algorithm

Inspection solutions such as presence/absence detection, front/rear detection, position locating, counting, etc. are often used for error-proof inspection. More visual inspection tools can provide the optimal solution for parts of different shapes on the production line, making visual application easier.

Diversified Error Detection Tools

Any combination of detection algorithms, measurement, counting, color ,etc,. Bring more choices for the complex visual detection task, combined with the Web client,make easily visual detection applications.

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