Smart Code Reader

Smart Code Reader

Reliable Reading Performance

Supports the identification of multiple Symbologies of 1D and 2D codes and laser engraving, inkjet and other types of DPM codes. The decoding frame rate can reach up to 20fps, and the code reading speed can be as fast as 45 codes per second, providing efficient and reliable code reading performance.
The computing power of the built-in high-performance deep learning platform can reach the desktop graphics card level, easily realizes high-speed deep learning detection.

Excellent Reading Effect

Integrates a professional deep learning system chip (Soc), which has powerful computing power and lower energy consumption ratio. Not only it has a high-speed recognition efficiency, but also has the stable recognition ability for label paper and DPM barcodes of different materials.

Multi Core Processing

The Smart Code Reading Camera adopts embedded multi-core algorithm, and the reconstructed data stream is processed in parallel among the underlying CPU, FPGA, and DSP running chips; multi-threading of shooting, positioning processing and decoding is realized, and the efficiency of collective auditing learning technology is improved by 3 times

Powerful Performance

Our smart barcode reader, which based on high-performance multi-core deep learning processor, has
specially optimized decoding algorithm and high decoding frames rate. It can identify complex barcodes such as stained, defective and poorly printing barcodes, which is inevitable in the industry.



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