World Class Calibration

Calibration Ensures Consistent Quality of Measurement Results Almost every company is certified according to the relevant quality standards (probably the most well-known is EN ISO 9001) – a prerequisite that must be fulfilled to be eligible as a supplier to a wide range of sectors in production and service. The standard also stipulates that measuring equipment must be traceable.

What is Traceability ?

Traceability means that a continuous chain of calibrations capable of being traced to the national standard must be proven and the measurement uncertainty of each calibration is known and documented. 

Reference Transducers for On-site Calibrations

For measuring equipment that cannot be dismantled and shipped due to the installation situation or the cost and time it would entail, we offer precise and reference force and torque transducers for calibration task that meets the quality standards required for audits. Our reference transducers not only offer extremely small measurement uncertainty but are also robust and can be combined with amplifier modules specially designed for this purpose to form economical reference measuring chains. Our solution helps in minimizing production disruption/downtime without compromising calibration quality.

Example of calibration service demand in different application

Our wide variety of solution includes:

  • Precision measurement chain
    • Reference sensor
      • Force sensor – Accuracy class up to Class 00 per DakkS/ ISO376
      • Torque sensor – Accuracy class up to Class 0.05 per DAkkS/ DIN 51309
    • Reference Measuring Instrument
      • World Most Accurate & Precise Measurement Amplifier (up to 0.0005% accuracy) 
  • Calibration unit for strain gauge based measuring amplifiers

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