Temperature humidity Chamber

Temperature/humidity Chamber

Check whether test space door has lowered and adjust lock if necessary
Check test space temperature sensor and safety temperature sensor
Functional test of hinges and locks
Check door sealing for wear/damage
Functional test of test space fan
Functional test of air heater
Leakage test of refrigerant pipe system by means of leakage detector
Drain, clean and refill water and check water level
Check amount of refrigerant, low pressure refrigerant (visual inspection sight glass)
Check rotation direction and condition of air-cooled condenser fan
Measure cooling water temperature at inlet and outlet for water-cooled condenser fan
Leakage check of refrigerant components
Visual inspection of compressors, lines and valves for condensate and icing
Check whether refrigeration lines and capillaries are damaged due to vibration
Electric/mechanic function check of connections (analogue and digital interfaces)
Check contactors and relay for wear and damage (e.g. burned contact)
Visual inspection of switch cabinet wiring
Visual inspection of earth connections
Check operating panel and display
Check actual value and correct tmin/ tmax if necessary, retain customer setting
Test software of specimen protection