Accurate, Reliable and High-Performance On-Line Oxygen Analysis

Our oxygen analyzers use a variety of electrochemical fuel cells for the detection of oxygen. When oxygen diffuses to the cathode of the cell, a current output is produced directly proportional to the concentration of oxygen in the sample gas.

Features and Benfits

  • Specific to oxygen
  • Ambient air or traceable gas calibration
  • Microprocessor controlled functions
  • Long life, maintenance-free, disposable oxygen sensor
  • Fast and ultra fast response versions available
  • Large, auto-ranging LED display
  • Unaffected by vibration or position
  • Sturdy, reliable construction with three sensor options
  • Insensitive to sample flow rate percentage through ppm
  • Nitrosave flushing gas control option
  • 36 months warranty which covers any faulty workmanship and normal component failure relating to electronic circuit cards

Example of Oxygen Analyzer Application

Sensor Specification

Real Life Application / Case Study

Heat treating /Annealing of Precious Metal Coins

Problem: Oxidation of metals at high temperature causes cosmetic flaws, pitting or dull surface finish

After installing oxygen analyzer :

  • Able to monitor any oxygen intrusion and leaks
  • No wastage of expensive nitrogen to displace oxygen
  • Savings of 800 cubic feet / hour of nitrogen

Manufacturing of Containerized Plants Objective: To ensure the purity of nitrogen
•  After installing oxygen analyzer :

  • Able to monitor the purity of nitrogen
  • Have constant and reliable pure nitrogen on-site supply

Manufacturing of Glove Box System
Objective: To ensure perfect production environment
After installing oxygen analyzer :

  • Highly precise monitoring of oxygen levels
  • Rapid response time results in increased productivity
  • Assisting the control and regulation of perfect glove box environment

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